Friday, September 07, 2007

Party Pics

Hey guys,

I've put up some new pictures on my flickr page. There are pics from last weekend's party in Northumberland and from Tom and my birthdays.

L x

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now look here,

I'll be back in Edinburgh on 30 August. That is a Thursday. I will wish to go to the pub to celebrate/mourn my return. You should all come along.

Also, I may need to commandeer someone's couch for a few days.

What's going on there, anyway? Canadia has been mixing it up lately. The weather's been lovely, and we saw an excellent outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. On the other hand, whenever we go up north, nature tries to kill me. First I got bitten by a spider, which I didn't see, but judging by the way my leg swelled up it must have been an enormous hairy one with huge venom-dripping fangs. Then I got slashed on the foot while swimming by a petrified underwater tree-stump. Admittedly I'm making these events sound a bit more dramatic than they really were. But anyway.

That'll do.

Monday, August 13, 2007

get it right up ye.

nb: Boss's hair, far left. Ha ha.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'll fucking do it then.

Hi all; just a quick kick in the blogging bottom, this.

Those of you not in Ed' have missed the following recently:

i) One Jeffrey Ketland getting explosively muddy whilst wearing an off-white suit and playing rounders in the Meadows.

ii) Rare glimpses of the lesser-spotted Dave Ward, when a certain Nicky "the Dave Robber" Ford has let him out of her sight. (Dennett is here on Wednesday, here's hoping that Dave won't renege on his promise to pull his beard).

iii) Mog flying into a violent rage over the correct description of the taste of celery.

iv) A spectacularly peculiar and drunken evening at chez Chris 'n' Tom on Friday night / early Saturday morning, featuring the lamest game of 'ring of fire' the world has ever seen.

What's your news, Americans?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

human folly

Greetings all. Against my better judgment, I feel compelled to relate to you a memorable event that occurred to me today.

You know when you do something unbelievably stupid and also unbelievably painful in public, and then the embarrassment just about overcomes the pain, so, to preserve your dignity, you pretend it didn't happen until you can find a private spot to sit down and cry?

I was in the bookshop at Columbia this afternoon. It has a revolving door onto the street. I entered the revolving door without incident. My error was to attempt to exit the door before it had revolved around far enough. The result was a crunching face-first collision with the commendably transparent window that I had mistaken for thin air. In the initial shock I was able to stumble out the door and continue around the corner as though nothing had happened ("don't let anyone see what you just did", my brain told me). As soon as I was a safe distance away I realised what tremendous pain I was in and had to crouch down for a few minutes recovering and dabbing blood from my nose. I then went into the library cafe and sat on a comfy chair for an hour and a half, trying to work; instead I occupied myself, first, with wondering if I was about to pass out from the ache in my face and brain, and, if so, whether I should find a doctor, and, second, fretting that I had broken my nose. I don't think I had, though it's a bit swollen at the top.

Anyway, I am back to full health and consoling myself with the thought that I couldn't possibly do anything so comically inept again for the rest of my life.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Okay, so I *think* that I changed the settings so that anyone can post now. NO EXCUSES.

Also, most people seem to be able to post, or have in the past, so really I think it's laziness. POST!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last week in NYC...

Hey all,

Well, I don't think I've given a proper update for a while, and my guilt has finally worn me down.. so here goes:

Well, it’s my last week in New York, since I head up to Toronto next week, to job hunt like mad! I had a couple leads on super waitressing jobs but they seem to have fallen through, so wish me luck! Let's hope I don't end up at the deli serving hot dogs... shudder...

New York has been a lot more fun this spring, living up in Harlem and not being stuck on my own with a bunch of scary Americans! Conor’s friend Cianan was here last week, and so we were out pretty much every night… in the East Village for an open-mike night (some good, some bad, some horrifying…), at our local jazz club, we even managed to see a play that won the Perrier at the festival last August, which was great. It’s my birthday next Tuesday, so my parents are coming into town for the weekend, both to help drive stuff to storage/Toronto and so we’ll celebrate my birthday here too. I’m going to have a going-away dinner on Monday, involving beer and sushi, and then on Tuesday, my birthday, we’ll be going to see “The Moon for the Misbegotten” which has ok reviews but mostly we’re going because Kevin Spacey is performing in it, which is very cool. There are also plans to get up to the top of the Empire State Building to see the sun set….

Conor, as you may know, is staying in nyc until June 15th, and has secured a sub-let in a loft in the part of Brooklyn known as Williamsburg, where all the hipsters live with their angular haircuts and crazy facial hair… so we may see the return of the conference moustache… but in any case I’m sure Conor will have interesting stories!

Anyway, that’s about it for now –I’m pretty bogged down with papers and getting ready to head back to Toronto. Though I recently discovered that it looks like I’ll be able to live in the place we have right now next fall, which is such a relief because at least I’m familiar with it and at least I have a place for the fall! Then hopefully I’ll be moving back to Edinburgh for the spring and the summer and waiting to hear about universities. Oh and guess what! The New School has decided they might credit all my Edinburgh courses to me which would mean that I save a year and a half of course work, which is excellent. It also means that I save a lot of cash as well… so although I don’t know if I’ll stay here for several reasons, this is one reason in favour of staying…

Okay, well I should get back to those papers…

WRITE! I haven’t heard from most of you lately and I don’t want to lose touch!